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screw separator

Moisture extraction from organic raw materials

The SEPRA® screw separator is a modern solution for processing not only animal waste, but also citrus waste, meat industry waste, pellets and other raw materials.
By using SEPRA® you will solve the issue of manure utilization, while getting a stable profit from the regularly renewed resources of your farm

  • Warranty 1 year.
  • Purchase in leasing.
  • Organization of equipment delivery.
  • Full technical support, consultations.

Delivery from EU
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Screw made of stainless steel
Main elements
Screw made of stainless steel is the main working element in the equipment. Our company offers different types of screws, which allows us to work with a wide range of raw materials. Stainless steel provides long screw life as well as corrosion resistance, which is especially important when working with aggressive and/or wet materials.
The SEPRA® Screw Separator can be used to efficiently process a wide variety of raw materials, including manure, manure, beer grit, oil sludge, and many others. Due to the wide range of materials that can be processed, this equipment is indispensable for companies looking to optimize their processes and minimize their environmental impact.
Our company manufactures stainless steel cylindrical sleeper sieves for SEPRA® screw separators for various types of raw materials.
This type of sieve is used for separation and filtration of liquid materials from mechanical impurities and solids
Stainless steel sieve
About recycling
We manufacture a variety of processing equipment
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Granulator for organic waste
Press for briquettes
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